1.CTG (Cartage Charges): 9.SSC(Special Service Charge):
    Tunnel Fee Charges as per outlay.   a)to be assessed for pick-up/delivery service as well as
    Airport Bridge Toll Fee * charges as per outlay.     attending shipments to be dispatched during Sundays
    * Based on Tsing Ma Control Area Toll Schedule     or Public Holidays or for each service required before
      - Minimum charge: HK$50.-     7:00am or after 10:00pm during weekdays
    a) FLAT RACK: @HK$1.48/kg     HK$330/hour,or any part thereof(Minimium 1 hour)
        Minimum charge: HK$480.-   b)Lost Journey or Double Journey: CTG as per point 1.
    b) GOH(garment on hanger): @HK$0.65 per piece 10.SDC (Special Documentation Charge):
        Minimum charge: HK$800.- per consignment   For Import/Export Declarations, Import/Export/Re-Export
    c) Devanning charge (if applicable): @0.31 / kg   Licenses,Consular Documents and Customs Permits.
2.HC/DC(Handling/Documentation Charge):   HK$200.- per document,plus official charges as per outlay.
    Include customs Entry Processing Fee) 11.Airline Accessory Charges
    HK$283.- per consignment     (* Revision subject to Airline tariff)
3.RA (Regulated Agent) Security Charge:   a) Proof of Delivery (POD)                             HK$120.-
    Under the Regulated Agent Regime, the charge below       POD in writing with or without photocopy of signed
    ONLY applies to Unknown Consignors (UKCs) after       delivery receipt
    RAs have provided security screening service in   b)Amendment Fee (Each Air Waybill (MAWB or HAWB)
    compliance with requirements of the Civil Aviation     - No change in airport of destination             HK$90.-
    Department.     - Change in airport of destination                 HK$140.-
    HK$0.50/kg (minimum charge HK$20.-)   c) Return shipment                                         HK$390.-
    plus a flat handling fee HK$30.-per House Air Waybill       Plus expenses advanced and 15% of expenses advanced
    Minimum charge: HK$50.- per HAWB   d) Bank Consignment
    If UKCs have paid the RA security charge for export     -The consignee bank has office in HKG         HK$120.-
    cargo on passenger flights(PAX), the THC in item     -The consignee bank has no iffice in HKG     HK$210.-
    no. 4b will be applied at HK$1.71/kg only. (other       Plus 15% of out of pocket expenses
    details in item 4 remain unchanged).   e) Certified true copy of MAWB                     HK$75.-
4.TC/THC(Terminal charge/Terminal handling charge):       or carrier's own document
  a)Import cargo: Minimium charge at HK$60.-   f) Endorsement on MAWB                             HK$75.-
      or HK$1.71/kg   g) Dutiable Commodity ( DC ) Bond Charge ( per
  b)Export cargo from UKCs to be carrier on PAX       consignment                                             HK$270.-
    and fulfilled the CAD security requirements:   h) Security Charge for Storing Room Cargo (Under
    Minimum charge: HK$60.- or HK$1.71/kg       Regulated Agent Regime)
  c)All Export cargo:(excluding item b above)   i) X-Ray Screening before cargo acceptance   HK$0.5/kg
    Minimium charge: HK$60.- or HK$1.72/kg     - Minimium charge             HK$250.- per MAWB
  In case of Overtime storage for the above (a) to (c):   ii)X-Ray Screening after cargo acceptance   HK$0.70/kg
  HK$2.20/kg per day after 48 hrs.     - Minimium charge             HK$280.- per MAWB
  Minimium charge: HK$45.- per consignment 12.Communication Charge (Overseas
5.ADC (Airline Document Charge):     Facsimile or Scanning Document):
    HK$15.- per consignment       HK$30/page(A4 size)if applicable on shipper's request
6.AF (Attendance Fee-Customs Inspection 13.Interest Charge On Overdue Accounts:
    Or Survey):       1% per month              
    HK$230.- per hour,or any part thereof if applicable 14.Heavy Lift Surcharge (In addition to Normal
    (minimium one hour)     Charge):
7.CFS/LC-Outbound (Container Field     For Shipment over 200kg per piece
  Station/Loading Charge)     Minimium Charge :   HK$1000.- (3 hours)
  CFS/UC - INBOUND (CONTAINER FIELD                           HK$180.- per each additional hour
  STATION/UNLOADING CHARGE):     NOTE : 1) All rates are applicable to chargeable weight.
  Tunnel fee charges as per outlay.     2)For volume weight,should apply the formal TACT rules
  Airport Bridge Toll Fee * Charges as per outlay.         set forth by IATA (section 3.9.4 issue 48).
  *Based on Tsing Ma Control Area Tolls Schedule -     The cubic volume of a consignment is established by
  Minimium Charge : HK$40.-     applying the greatest length,the greatest width and the
  a)HK$160.- per consignment or HK$0.70/kg.     greatest height of the consignment or its packages.
  b)GOH(Garment On Hanger): @HK$0.65 per piece     Consignment,the extreme dimensions of which result in
  Minimium charge: HK$800.- per consignment     an average of more than 6000 cubic centimeters/366 cubic
      inches per kilogram (166 cubic inches per pound),shall be
8.AAF (Air Waybill Amendment Fee) :     charged on volume basis or Hong Kong Government
                            HK$450.- per amendment     approved scheme.