1.Transportation Charge - 5.Container Freight Station(CFS charge)-
  a) Pick up / delivery    : HK$90.00/cbm or HK$1.0/kg       OUTBOUND   &   INBOUND
    (For general cargo and each package not to exceed     a) Southeast Asia
    35 kg and either length within 1.5 meter)     b) Japan/Korea/Taiwan
    Minimium Charge :     c) Middle East,Black Sea, Persian Gulf
    HK$500.00per trip(Kowloon/New Territories)     d) India, Pakistan, Bay of Bengal
    HK$550.00 per trip (Hong Kong Island)     e) U.S.A.
    b)Container Haulage : (general cargo)     f) Canada
SIZE 20' 40'
    g) South America & Central America
1 HK$1200 HK$1500
    h) Europe,Scandinavia,Mediterranean
2 HK$1300 HK$1600
    i) Australia & New Zealand
3 HK$1300 HK$1600
    j) Africa
4 HK$1400 HK$1700
      for all trades HK$198.00 per revenue ton
5 HK$1500 HK$1800
      Overtime storage  :   HK$250.00 per r/ton per week.
    Free vanning / devanning time allowed   6.Miscellaneous Charge (MISC) -
    container demurrage exceeding free time :       a) Telex Release   :   HK$500.00   per   set   document
20' - 2 hours 40' - 3 hours
      b) Sorting Charge :   HK$80.00 per revenue ton
    Demurrage for General cargo           (above mentioned charge is subject to volume of
    HK$150.00 per half hour or part thereof           whole shipment concerned)
    *** Above rates are subject to surcharge as per outlay.       c)  Loading/Unloading from truck: HK$70.00/revenue ton
          e.g. gate charges,tunnel toll,bridge toll, etc             Minimium Charge :               HK$500.00
2. Documentation Charge -
Truck Size   Charge
  Bill of Lading   /   Delivery Order Fee
3 ton HK$500
        :   HK$500.00 per B/L
5 ton HK$800
    Re-issue / Amend Bill of Lading Fee
        8 ton/10 ton HK$1000
        :   HK$500.00 per B/L
20' HK$1500
    (Excluding carrier's charge and penalty)
40' HK$2000
    Switch Bill of Lading Fee       d)  Attendance   Fee:
        :   HK$500.00 per B/L           :HK$230.00 per hour or part thereof
    (Including B/L issue and correspondence fee)         (Customs Inspection or Survey)
    Off-Shore B/L Issuing Fee               - Minimium Charge two (2) hours
        :   HK$500.00 per B/L       e)   Transfer fee            : As per carrier's tariff                    
    Late Bill of Lading Instruction Fee       f)   Gate Charge            : As per carrier's tariff                    
        :   HK$500.00 per B/L       g)  Administration License Fee : HK$400.00
3. Terminal Handling Charge (THC) -       h)  Late Arrival Charge: HK$350.00 per container
    THC and Overtime Storage of Full Container Load       i)  AMS / ENS Data Processing Fee:
    (FCL) cargo as per carrier's tariff HK$500.00 per B/L                    
4. Forwarder's Handling Fee -       j) AMS / ENS Data Amendment Fee
    HK$350.00 per house bill of lading : HK$500.00 per B/L